Charitable Giving

My Giving Mission

By giving I can participate in the change I want to see in the world and inspire others to follow my lead. 

There’s two causes I support financial literacy and affordable housing:

Cause #1: Financial Literacy

I believe financial literacy can empower a person to change their habits with money and ultimately change their life by providing freedom through choice and options much earlier in life than traditional saving. The FIRE movement (financial independence retire early) is still in its infancy and has only begun to reach everyday Americans and spread throughout the world. 

I support people, projects, and causes that are focused on financial education and help people take action to pay off debt, build an emergency fund, and save for their financial goals and dreams. To further support these efforts, I am creating content, resources, and connecting people through my personal finance communities on Instagram.  

Cause #2: Affordable Housing

I believe all Americans should have an affordable and flexible living situation. Ideally this situation allows them to live a simple life on less with a minimal footprint and in a community of like-minded people. Real solutions to affordability exist and at a large enough scale can have a meaningful impact on the cost of housing. I want to be a part of the group that is creating shared or mobile living solutions to pioneer a new affordability in America. I will support organizations and people through donations. I will also live this lifestyle myself to be a role model for others and promote the benefits. 

To conclude, I have aligned my values with my giving and how I spend my time to create the largest impact. 

How I’m Giving

Charitable Fund

I created a donor-advised fund (DAF) at Fidelity Charitable with an initial contribution of $5,000. Funds are invested for capital preservation in conservative bonds funds (50% in the U.S. Bond Index Pool and 50% in the Money Market Pool. Charities selected, donation amounts, and future contributions are based on my Giving Plan.

Direct Donations

I make direct donations to individuals and organizations that fit within the scope of my mission.

My Giving Plan

$5,00 0
donor advised fund (daf)
$ 0
given through fund
$ 0
given directly

About the Plan

I established the charitable fund in August 2020 selecting the name “Derek Baker Foundation”. The purpose of the fund is to make targeted donations to  organizations, people, and projects that support affordable housing and financial literacy

Plan Goals

  • Give $100-500 to organizations, people, and projects, that fit within goal scope. 
  • Give at least $2,500 per year (total of giving fund and direct giving). 
  • Add at least $2,500 to the fund each year.
  • Create free and low cost financial content and affordable living options to further meet my mission.

Featured Giving

Latest Causes I’ve Given To

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