My Nomadic Life

Life as a Digital Nomad

My Homebase

I’ll buy a house and rent out the rooms to nomads.


Pay what you want (PWYW) model starting at $150 per month


Utilities Included

Nomad Friendly

Mail Delivery

Alternative Housing Options

I’ll live a nomadic using a combination of these six options.

Option 1: Coliving

Live in a coliving space in a large urban city on a month-to-month lease.

Option 2: Mobile Living

Live in a van or RV traveling around the United States.

Option 3: Geoarbitrage

Live abroad in lower cost countries using shared and traditional housing options.

Option 4: Sharing Economy

Stay for free using the sharing economy.
Examples: Couchsurfing

Option 5: Work Exchange

Volunteer in exchange for a place to stay.

Option 6: Social Network

Stay with friends and family.

Flexible Lifestyle Options

I’ll stay connected and healthy while traveling using these options.


Worldwide access to 3,600+ coworking spaces during business hours.

Company: Regus
Price: $100 month-to-month


Access to 2,000+ clubs 24/7 worldwide, one free, guest, and more perks.

Company: Planet Fitness
Price: $22.99 monthly + tax and fees

Cell Phone

Unlimited data, text, and 5 GB hotspot.

Company: Mint Mobile
Price: $30 monthly + tax

A Life For You and Me

Through this lifestyle I can live a simple life that is both affordable and flexible and meet my mission of living a life of financial and location independence while allowing others to join me in my journey. 

In living this lifestyle I’m taking the road less traveled. I’m challenging the norms and rebelling against societies traditional path. I’m sharing my home and my stuff while helping others live more and need less. 

I’m creating that special place where I can be my best self by bringing out the love, kindness, and compassion that is inside me. I can be happy to be alive and not seek external recognition or praise. I can wake up each day with purpose, serving others, and making a difference in others lives. I can challenge my fears and take action on my dreams.

I’m looking for my tribe. Needing less, giving more, finding and being ourselves. If that sounds like you, and you’re open to living a nomadic lifestyle in America with a community of like-minded people, let’s talk.   


Join the Tribe

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