Personal Finance Projects

Financial Independence Community

FI Community brings together people working toward achieving their money goals and reaching FIRE (financial independence / retire early).

Financial Independence Coaching provides free financial coaching 1:1 and in groups with unlimited access to a coach by e-mail or text message. 

Debt Free Journey Community

DFJ Community brings together people from the debt free community (#dfc) who have completed or are on their debt free journey to share their story, tips, and lessons learned in a DFJ Interview. 

Frugal Living Community

Frugal Community is a community of people finding happiness from living not spending. Learn how to declutter, downsize, be a minimalist and stretch your dollar further. 

Real Estate Projects

Housing 2.0

Housing 2.0 is a new model for housing developed to create a new path for living. 

Freedom Coliving

Freedom Coliving documents my journey living in shared living through coliving spaces. Get an insider view of what it’s like to live in communal living and the information and resources you need to join the movement.  

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